Tuesday 11 December 2018

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Natural catastrophes

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5 natural disasters that beg for climate action

Climate hazards are natural events in weather cycles. We are currently witnessing a scale of destruction and devastation that is new and terrifying.

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Monsoon rains threaten Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

04/19/2018. Malteser International is supporting efforts at building response capacities on the ground in preparation for the impending disaster.

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Climate change is the story you missed in 2017

12/07/2017. Some of Trump’s tweets generate more national coverage than devastating disasters. As the weather gets worse, we need journalism to get better.

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How Environmental security and human rights are linked?

10/05/2017. According to experts, the natural resources and their fair distributions are essential to ensure the human rights.

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A climate in crisis

04/27/2017. How climate change is making drought and humanitarian disaster worse in East Africa.

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Vatican seminar on water pushes for better public policies

02/24/2017. A 2-day seminar aiming to propose much needed public policies for water and sanitation management is underway in the Vatican.

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Food trade drains global water sources at 'alarming' rates

03/30/2017. The global market for foodstuffs is depleting water sources in many parts of the world quicker than they can naturally be refilled.

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Pope greets participants in Vatican water conference

03/22/2017. Pope Francis has greeted participants in a Vatican conference on the value and values of water promoted by the Pontifical Council for Culture.

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The Geopolitics of Environmental Challenges

03/02/2017. Much of the world seems to be on edge. But one issue – one might say the most significant of them all – is being ignored or pushed aside: the environment.

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Climate change and mass migration

01/19/2017. International leaders met in the Bangladeshi capital last month for ongoing discussions about a new global migration policy.

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