Thursday 18 April 2019

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Syria’s Monumental Loss

02/23/2019. In May 2015, the world watched in horror as ISIS rolled into Tadmur, home to Palmyra’s magnificent Greco-Roman ruins.

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World Youth Day: Grand Hospitaller Greets Pope Francis in Panama

01/31/2019. Positive track record for the Order of Malta’s 130 first-aid volunteers.

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Pope Francis' address to Diplomatic Corps

07/01/2019. Pope Francis addresses members of the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Holy See, on theme of multilateral diplomacy.

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Pope to Ambassadors

13/12/2018. Pope Francis receives ten new Ambassadors and confirms the Church’s commitment to proposing concrete solutions to humanitarian problems.

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Pope Francis message to forum on 'modern-day slavery'

05/07/2018. Pope Francis has called for concerted effort on the part of all actors of society to address the root causes of human trafficking.

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Address of pope Francis To the diplomatic corps

Pope Francis held on 8 January 2018 his greetings to the diplomatic corps in the Royal Hall of the Vatican Apostolic Palace.

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Security Council hears calls for ‘all of UN’ approach to stop destruction, smuggling of cultural heritage

11/30/2017. Cultural heritage and ensure can serve “as a source of belonging and peace for all people in times of conflict.”

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Pope: Protect Civilians During Conflicts

10/28/2017. Audience with Participants in Third Conference on Humanitarian International Law. 

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New Vatican emphasis on ‘20 action points’ for migrants

11/08/2017. In recent days, Pope Francis and a Vatican official have cited “Responding to Migrants and Refugees: Twenty Action Points”

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Secretary-General's remarks on the Launch of the Fez Plan of Action

07/14/2017. The Plan is based on a unifying commitment to promote peace, understanding, mutual respect and the fundamental rights of all people. This includes the rights to freedom of religion and belief, opinion and expression, and peaceful association.

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