Why this website ?

Charles de Boissezon président de la Fondation de l'Ordre de Malte France


Permanently present in more than one hundred and twenty countries worldwide through its national associations and organizations, the Order of Malta’s mission is helping the poor, the sick and refugees through its network of clinics and hospitals, drug distribution, emergency and ambulance corps.

Operating during natural disasters, humanitarian crises or conflicts, the Order of Malta also seeks to contribute to maintain peace and stability in the world through actions of mediations, facilitations and crisis.

This website has vocation to gather knowledge and to follow those newform news, transversal, of international relations, which is now call the humanitarian diplomacy.

Acting as a reference site, “Diplomacy Humanitarian” offers to local players – diplomats, religious, parliamentarians, military, academic, medical bodies, enterprises, media – and beyond to all affected by the world changes, the opportunity to deepen issues related to crisis management and humanitarian contemporary issues.

This tool relies on analyzes, reference documents, testimonials, also allows to better understand the international environment in which leaders and many volunteers act tirelessly in compliance values and the dignity of man.

Charles de BOISSEZON,
Publication director and President of the French foundation of the Order of Malta