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Editorial board

Bailli Jean-Pierre MAZERY, Publication director
Michel VEUTHEY, editor-in-chief
Martina BARCAROLI des VARANNES, director of the French Foundation of the Order of Malta

Strategic council

Xavier GUILHOU, Foundation consultant
Amb. Eric DEROO
Amb. Yves GAZZO
Amb. Frédéric GRASSET

Board of Directors of the French Foundation of the Order of Malta.

Transparent Governance

The French Foundation of the Order of Malta has an independent board of directors composed of fifteen members: five founding members, five representatives from major state ministries, and five co-opted members who ensure the proper use of funds.

Established in 1992, the French Foundation of the Order of Malta was recognized as a public utility in 1994 and authorized to host foundations under ministerial approval in 2000. It operates under new statutes approved by the Ministry of the Interior since 2012.

Board of Directors

Founding Members

Chairman: Charles de BOISSEZON
Vice-Chairman: Dominique de LA ROCHEFOUCAULD-MONTBEL
Vice-Chairman: Prof. Jean-Marie DECAZES
Secretary: Thierry de BEAUMONT-BEYNAC
Treasurer: Xavier BLANC-BERNARD

Ex officio representatives members

Frank MORDACQ, representing the Ministry of Finance
Prefect Dominique PALEWSKI, representing the Ministry of the Interior
Laurent STEFANINI, Ambassador, representing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Jean-François de CANCHY, Inspector General of Cultural Affairs, representing the Ministry of Culture
The representative of the Ministry of Solidarities and Health

Co-opted members

Hervé de LACOTTE
Martin de WAZIERS

Director of the French Foundation of the Order of Malta : Martina BARCAROLIDESVARANNES