Thursday 18 April 2019

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Migrants & Refugees

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VOA Documentary: Displaced

11/15/2018. Behind the walls of the Kutupalong refugee camp in Bangladesh to hear their stories of murder and rape

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Nigeria: Malteser International opens 2d centre

01/25/2019. The expansion is a response to the worsening security situation in the region.

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Migration: Order of Malta at the Marrakech Summit to Adopt the Global Compact.

12/10/2018. Grand Chancellor: “An important milestone for the international community”

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How Europe Can Reform Its Migration Policy

10/05/2018. Three years since the start of the European refugee crisis, the continent’s politics are still convulsed by disagreements over migration.

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UNHCR Desperate Journeys report provides snapshot of changing refugee movements to Europe

04/11/2018. Despite a drop in the number of refugees and migrants reaching Europe last year, the dangers increased.

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“Migrants and Refugees” conference in Rome, Pope Francis’ message and the Order of Malta’s action

05/29/2018. The key theme of the conference was the Italian Relief Corps’ ten years of medical assistance at sea, whose doctors and nurses were the first to embark on the vessels of the Italian authorities in the Mediterranean.

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Malteser International calls for more humanity

06/20/2018. The UNHCR estimates there are now almost 70 million people forcibly displaced across the globe.

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Forced displacement at record 68.5 million

06/19/2018. One person was displaced every two seconds in 2017, with developing countries most affected

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Aquarius Migrants, Order of Malta’s Medical Team on Dattilo

06/18/2018. “In their eyes the hope for a better future”

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One million fled economic crisis-hit Venezuela for Colombia in past year

05/09/2018. Red Cross says with the crisis intensifying, an estimated 37,000 people were now crossing the Colombian border each day. 

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