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The Order of Malta’s doctors and psychologists tackle the new drama in the Strait of Sicily

13/02/2015. Just as in other similar tragic events, the Order of Malta’s Relief Corps’ psychologists arrived in Lampedusa to assist the Coastguards’ personnel and the Order’s doctors and nurses already present.

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The Order Of malta increases its efforts to assist refugees arriving in Europe

09/15/2015. With its network of 80 thousand volunteers worldwide, the Order of Malta is participating in the enormous efforts being made to offer medical care, accommodation and basic necessities to the thousands of people in flight.

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Refugee Journeys ...

06/16/2015. Discover the road of the men, women and children through this reportage by Malteser International.

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Displacement in Iraq Reaches Nearly 3.2 Million

11/09/2015. The IOM Iraq Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) published this week, identified 3,182,736 internally displaced Iraqis

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Guterres says UNHCR and partners struggle to meet humanitarian needs

10/05/2015. The global refugee crisis is so great that the UN refugee agency and other agencies are struggling to respond to and meet all the humanitarian needs they face.

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Archb. Tomasi: Syrian children risk becoming a lost generation

03/17/2015. Archbishop Silvano Tomasi has warned that unless efforts are made to protect millions of children caught up in the Syrian conflict they are at risk of becoming a lost generation.

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Central African Republic: Hundreds of families torn apart by conflict

03/18/2015. The ICRC, working closely with the Central African Red Cross Society, is pursuing its efforts to help these people trace and contact their relatives.

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Refugees: Archbishop Tomasi invites Europeans to silence their fears

10/08/2015. Archbishop Tomasi considered that the international community can not remain passive in front of the drama being played out in the Mediterranean area.

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EU, migrants, borders ...

December 2013. Discover with the ARTE TV show the migratory phenomena in Europe

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