Nepalese earthquake: 6 months on, unrest and approaching winter worsen the situation

10/20/2015. Faced with the onset of winter, Malteser International is preparing further aid measures for the districts of Sindhupalchowk and Kavre, northeast of the capital.

In the six months following the earthquake, Malteser International was able to provide aid to 70,000 people, with a total project volume of around 1,000,000 euro. More than 10,000 families – around 62,000 people – were provided with staple foodstuffs, hygiene articles, tarpaulins, and toolkits, as well as given help to clear the rubble from their homes and villages. Since May, almost 7,500 sick and wounded people have received treatment at the Malteser International supported field hospital in Lamosanghu near to the Chinese border.

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