Neonatal Equipment inauguration in Sainte Fleur pavilion

Motherhood Sainte Fleur is a maternity managed by the French Order of Malta in Madagascar.

Integrated into the Malagasy complex “Mother and Child” is the best performing maternity of Antananarivo to monitor patients, help them prepare with confidence childbirth and give birth safely through high-level care. It ensures great attention to newborns, especially premature.

The french Ambassador, Véronique Vouland-Aneini, inaugurated on Wednesday, April 6, 2016, the neonatal care equipment indispensable for improving the care of premature births in the Pavillon St. Fleur, high- advanced maternity Madagascar in this area .

In the presence of the Ambassador of the Order of Malta, Mrs Véronique de la Rochefoucauld, the Director of the complex mother-child, Dominique Jacqmin, Attaché of Cooperation and Cultural Action (SCAC ), Andrzej Rogulski and health Adviser to the French Embassy in Madagascar, Christine Bellas-Cabane, Ambassador of France visited the Pavillon St. Fleur, maternity managed by the French Order of Malta in Madagascar.

In late November 2015 was signed between the French Embassy in Madagascar and the Pavillon St. Fleur, a grant agreement on financing in the amount of 29 million ariary (€ 8,500) to support a project in neonatology allowing the purchase of an incubator and a cardio-respiratory monitor, essential equipment for the goals of reduction of neonatal mortality.

Read the article on the Madagascar French Embassy website

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