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A month of Russian intervention in Syria: first assessment

On October 30th, in just one month, the Syrian campaign brought a series of tangible success for Russia, just when it seemed in trouble.

The September 28, 2015, in New York, Vladimir Putin, announced to the international community to initiate military action against jihadist movement in Syria. Nearly a month later, October 22, 2015, in Sochi, he puts forward the results to Syria to reinforce its worldview.

On an international platform to another and in just one month, the Russian operation is presented as a “game changer” by the Russians but also their partners.

What exactly are the results of this intervention? Have they changed the situation in the region and beyond? Answers with Cyrille Bret, senior lecturer at Sciences-Po Paris and co-director of geopolitical site eurasiaprospective.

Read the analysis (in french) on Diploweb

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