“Syria will inevitably erupt in both entities”

While Aleppo stronghold of the rebellion, is being taken by the Syrian army, Renaud Girard considers that there is no alternative but to destroy the Islamic state, based provisionally on the regime of Bashar Assad.

For the reporter of the french newspaper Le Figaro, author of books on conflicts in the Middle East, the unity of Syria no longer exists and neither side can prevail over the other. The secular regime of Bashar al-Assad, where religion is separated from politics, has largely favored by all religious and ethnic minorities in the country, be they Christians, Druze, Shia and Alawite. It also has the support of a significant portion of the moderate Sunni, Baathists and secular. However, the Syrian regime will never be able to regain the huge mass of Sunni Islamic countries.

Conversely, minorities who support Assad will never accept the domination of Sunni commuters and provincial. It is therefore towards an inevitable break-up of Syria in at least two entities. Extremely pushed federalism as it exists today in Iraq with Kurdistan would save appearances, but it would do well as appearances.

Renaud Girard is an international reporter for Le Figaro. He covered the major conflicts of the past thirty years.

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