Is Putin behind the meeting between the Pope and the Patriarch of Moscow?

Should we see behind the -Historique meeting – between Pope Francis and the Patriarch of Moscow to Cuba, the hand of Putin?

Undoubtedly, the geopolitical considerations pushed the Russian Orthodox Church -including the national roots has always been important – to finally accept the hand of Rome, refused for years. His statement underlines the situation of Christians in the East, and made clear the primary motivation for this rapprochement.

“The Russian Church did not wait for Putin to worry about the Eastern Christians. It is a multi-secular tradition: it is like Russia which allowed the restoration of the Patriarchate of Antioch in the early twentieth century. The concern of Eastern Christians is part of the DNA of Russia, whether religious or civil, and it is difficult to say on the matter, which influence.”

The Russian Church has reconstituted its heritage, and filled his seminars. It recovered to think, that is to say, to do theology. It finished with the reconstruction period, and can open again and ensure its spiritual influence in the world.

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