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Decoding … What is the objective of the terrorists in France?

12/02/2015. Alexandre Del Valle give us its vision of Daesh strategy, unveiled through the attacks in Paris.

Alexandre Del Valle is an author and a geo-political scientist. He teaches international relations at the University of Metz and is associate researcher at the Institut Choiseul. He has published several books on the weakness of democracies, the Balkans, Turkey and Islamic terrorism, including “The Syrian chaos, Arab Spring and minorities face Islamism”.

A series of interviews (in french) to discover on the website

⇒ The great interview (1/3): “Daesh wants to provoke a Stockholm Syndrome widespread in the West”
⇒ The great interview (2/3): “The radicalized children of today are yesterday’s anti-racism”
⇒ The great interview (3/3): “Daesh is both internal and external to Islam”

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