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“Islamism is a danger, but the spiritual emptiness of the West is already a greater danger”

Abdennour Bidar, French philosopher and writer, believes that this is not the strong Islam which is problematic in France and elsewhere in the West, but rather the general disorientation, lack of common project and spirituality.

“Even where religion is back as a palliative, modern man no longer has access to his spiritual law, metapolitical essence. This is the blind spot of the human rights system -. This set of political and social rights at the center of which it is not found neither idea who lives in the transcendence of the human heart. Modernity has led and is constantly accelerating, such a mutation of the human condition that collapsed all great religious and philosophical images which had been used for millennia to nourish our spiritual awareness of ourselves and our place in the universe “

Read the full article (in french) on the newspaper’s website Le Temps

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