Saturday 29 April 2017

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Migrants & Refugees

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Global Compact on Migration Consultations

04/18/17. “The Global Compact presents an historical opportunity to achieve a world of opportunity to migrate through safe, orderly and regular channels" William Lacy Swing.

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The Migrant Boon

04/07/2017. New research from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) shows that cross-border migrants contribute nearly 10% of global GDP.

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What It Means When 5 Million Syrians Leave Their Country

03/30/2017. As the war there stretches into a seventh year, more than five million citizens, nearly a quarter of Syria’s prewar population, have fled their country.

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IOM, EU Strengthen Ties on Global Migration

03/10/2017. "The EU and IOM share the view that no country can effectively address migration alone" William Lacy Swing

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How America Receives Refugees

02/20/2017. “We Were So Beloved” is Manfred Kirchheimer’s personal documentary about the German Jews who made it to the United States—and those who didn’t.

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Poorer countries host most of the forcibly displaced

02/27/2017. Most of the 3.2 million who were driven from their homes in the first half of 2016 found shelter in low or middle income countries.

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Migration trends to watch in 2017

12/21/2017. There is no sure way of predicting where the next refugee crisis will come from, but some strong policy trends have emerged.

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IOM’s 107th Governing Council

12/09/2016. Read William Lacy Swing director general's report to the 107th session of the council

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4 maps that will change how you see migration in Europe

08/16/2016. Did you know that Polish people represent the highest percentage of the foreign-born population in Norway?

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Mediterranean Migrant Arrivals Reach 345,440; Deaths at Sea: 4,655

11/22/2016. The Central Mediterranean route connecting North Africa to Italy has proved the deadliest passage, accounting for over 4,100 of this year’s drownings.

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