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Two years on from Typhoon Haiyan Malteser International helps more than 10,000 people to make a new beginning

11/03/2015.  Thanks to the support of numerous donors, and of the international network of the Order of Malta, in 2014 and 2015, Malteser International help more than 10,000 people achieve an improved quality of life in their new beginning.

Alongside rebuilding, Malteser International focus lay in the areas of water supply and medical care, as well as disaster preparedness.

In September 2015, Malteser International begin to work on the construction of water supply and rainwater collection systems, as well as latrines, to ensure an improved provision of water and sanitation in the northern Province of Benguet in partnership with the Philippine Association of the Order of Malta.

Actions areas :

  • Rebuilding
  • Water Supply
  • Health
  • Disaster preparation
  • Emergency aid following Typhoon Ruby in December 2014
  • Distribution of food parcels

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