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Race against the clock to run Aleppo

Support networks Syrians are busy rescuing Aleppo residents before the city is encircled by the troops of Bashar Assad. The loyalist offensive provokes a stampede can.

Fleeing the ground offensive, and the policy of scorched earth used by the Russian air force, tens of thousands of people began to move to Turkey. At least 20 000 of them sleep for two nights before the border, locked by Turkish customs in Bab al-Salamah, near Gaziantep. Thousands more have moved into Bab el Hawa, further west, where are precisely moved on the opposite direction the truck UOSSM.

“We are distributing tents, blankets and other necessities, says Filip Lozinski, the Norwegian Refugee Council which, for its part, is trying to help the refugees. But many people are unable to find not even a place in a tent for the night. Do not forget: informal IDP camps that have formed all along the roads were already saturated before the recent events. ”

North of Aleppo is a kind of model of the military situation in Syria. In the presence of the various factions of the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Salafist groups, now threatened by the advance of the troops of the policy, are also added to the northwest Syrian Kurdish fighters Units protection of the people (YPG), while the organization Islamic State control part of the territory further east.

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