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Climate refugees: eternal “forgotten Law People”?

11/30/2015. Hundreds of millions of people are likely to leave their land due to the environmental problems.

There will, according to the UN, 250 million climate refugees by 2050, if nothing is done. How to help the millions of displaced people every year due to natural disasters?

Today, in contrast to political refugees such as these climate displaced have no official status, making it difficult their care.

“Over the last seven years, every second or so, a person was displaced by disasters linked to natural hazards”, wrote last July the Observatory Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC), an NGO based in Norway who tries to keep accounts of human migration each year.

According to the NGO, in 2014, 19.3 million people worldwide were forced from their homes due to climatic disturbances. And there were 83.65 million between 2011 and last year. Floods (55%), storms (29%) and earthquakes (14) are now the leading causes of displacement related to the environment. In 2014, the Rammasum typhoon and moved 628,000 people in China and 2.99 million in the Philippines itself.

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