Wednesday 18 July 2018

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Trafficking in human beings

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Slavery yesterday and today

05/15/2018. Past reflections and future perspectives by Michel Veuthey

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"The collective responsibility to stop human trafficking"

11/21/2017. Slavery and other such egregious abuses of human rights have no place in the 21st century

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'Time to stamp out human trafficking,' says Guterres;

09/27/2017. “Human trafficking is all around us, in all regions of the world,” said Mr. Guterres, referring to such practices as forced labour, sexual servitude, recruitment of child soldiers and other forms of exploitation and abuse.

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Modern slavery : Myths & Facts

Modern slavery is all around us, but most people don't even realize it. Learn the truth about these common myths and then sign up to help end modern slavery for good.

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AB Gallagher at UN: combatting slavery is a priority

09/20/2017. "Pope Francis has made it clear that working to end forced labour, modern slavery and trafficking in persons is one of the defining priorities of his papacy."

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The Order of Malta against trafficking in human beings

07/18/2017. The Order of Malta has just appointed two new Ambassadors to monitor and combat trafficking in human beings.

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