Webinaire – Legal Approaches To Reducing The Demand Behind Human Trafficking

Webinaire le 12 Octobre 2021 ’18h00 – 19h30″ : Legal Approaches to reducing the demande behind human trafficking (on-demande video)

Webinaire en anglais à voir en replay

This event takes place within the framework of the Weeks of Action against Human Trafficking.

While law enforcement responses to human trafficking are the clear focus globally, they are entirely supply side.
Supply-side measures can deter, displace, and disrupt specific operations, but do not impact either the size of the nature or the illicit markets for labor. They also fail to counter the perpetual upward spiral of demand that drives the trafficking of people. This overwhelming supply-side focus has meant legal responses on the demand side of the equation are seriously lacking. This webinar is designed to provoke ideas about how the law is used to drive demand-side responses, reducing the driving force for all forms of human trafficking.

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