Webinaire – Modern Slavery and Decent Work

Webinaire le 22 Juin 2021 – 18h00 : Modern Slavery and Decent Work (ON-DEMAND VIDEO WEBINAR)

Webinaire en anglais à voir en replay (durée 2h)

Join us for a better understanding of the growing phenomenon of modern slavery, through the intersecting perspectives of an economist Professor Marc Chesney, a victim assistance expert Cristina Duranti and a supply chain specialist Brian Iselin, a representative of the Vatican’s Migrants & Refugees – Integral Human Development section Andrea Marchesani and a psychologist Dr. Gabriele Spina helping migrants and young people who work in a hyper-competitive economy that all too often functions with underpaid jobs. As our previous seminars have demonstrated, a new approach based on the demand for goods and services related to human trafficking should be developed by all actors, governments, to reduce and eradicate modern slavery.

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