Webinaire – Impact Of Human Trafficking On Health: Healing

Webinaire le 08 Décembre 2020 « 18h00 – 19h30 » : Impact Of Human Trafficking On Health: Healing

Webinaire en anglais à voir en replay

Trauma: having been trafficked leads to severe trauma for the persons concerned.

The steps of a long process of healing: in this Webinar we learn why the healing and reintegration process of victims of trafficking is so long and complex.

Art therapy: we will learn more about a shelter for survivors of trafficking in Albania, and how this shelter provides reintegration services to their beneficiaries, with a highlight on art therapy, which is surprisingly effective for victims of trauma.

Intercultural approaches: we will take a deeper look into practical methods and different approaches on how to help victims of trafficking, who find themselves in a culture which is very different from their own.

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