Webinaire – Root Causes For Human Trafficking

Webinaire le 05 Mai 2021 ’18h00 – 19h30″ : Root Causes For Human Trafficking – The Role Of Technology

Webinaire en anglais à voir en replay

Technology, especially the internet, has provided incredibly powerful tools for the promotion and logistics of criminal activities related to human trafficking, how can we also use the new technological tools for the fight against this scourge?

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Webinaire – Religious Working In International Advocacy Against Human Trafficking

Webinaire en replay : 27/10/2020 Part 2 – International webinars on human trafficking in the light of the 5th anniversary of “laudato si” and of the new “fratelli tutti” encyclical

Webinaire – Impact Of Human Trafficking On Health: Healing

Webinaire en replay : 08/12/2020 Trauma: having been trafficked leads to severe trauma for the persons concerned. The steps of a long process of healing: in this Webinar we learn why the healing and reintegration process of victims of trafficking is so long and complex.

Webinaire – Demand As Root Cause For Human Trafficking – Sex Trafficking & Prostitution

Webinaire en replay : 13/04/2021 This webinar will try to answer the following questions:
– What is the role of demand in relation with sex trafficking?
– How do present laws support victims of sex trafficking?
– How to improve the situation?