Monday 16 July 2018

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In Syria, a parallel war rages

While the coalition against Daech widens, each tries to advance his pawns on the field. Few weeks after the attacks in Paris, the war in Syria has never seemed so intense.

But in parallel with this display unit, at least on the front, against the positions of the organization of the Islamic State (Daech), it is almost “another war” that is growing, too. In anticipation of a resumption of diplomatic talks – whose outcome remains highly uncertain – the actors in the field, in all the camps, are trying to advance their pawns.

The Syrian army would again forcibly recruited thousands of young men. In the north, the army of conquest, a rebel coalition backed by Turkey and some Gulf states, also led the charge, while the Syrian Democratic Forces, set up with the support of the United States, multiply shares not to be outdone.

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